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  • PPF protection films...

    Self-healing PPF protective film applied to the most vulnerable elements of the car body is the most effective protection against damage on the market, which allows even a multiple extension of the life of parts covered with the film.

    Our experience shows that there is no need to cover the entire car body. It is enough to focus on the places that are its weak point and that get damaged by the human factor.

    In this category you will find ready-made PPF film die-cuts cut to size for most car models.

    What is particularly worth protecting with PPF film?

    Elements most vulnerable to damage, expensive, difficult to repair, those whose damage most affects the value of the car.

    • Front lamp headlights

    Under the influence of stone impacts and sandblasting even after several thousand kilometers on the surface of the lampshade may appear micro-cracks and signs of sandblasting or tarnishing - xenon or LED headlights are one of the most expensive elements of the car body. Thanks to the protective film at a low cost, we are able to minimize the risk of their damage and wear as much as possible. PPF film for lamps is an excellent choice, which these days should be mandatory for anyone who wants to enjoy their car for many years.

    • Rear fenders

    Stones thrown from under the front wheels sand the rear fenders (the element in front of the full wheel) and especially its rim the most. The damaged element looked unsightly, and after a long time corrosion foci may appear in this area. Repainting such an element is expensive and negatively affects the value of the vehicle (at resale you can no longer say that the paint on the entire vehicle is factory).

    • Loading part of the rear bumper

    This is another element that can be damaged even when first packing suitcases before going on vacation or even shopping. Even if the owner is careful, it will happen sooner if someone else scratches the bumper.

    • Recesses under the door handles

    This is especially the case if one of the users is a fan of jewelry. Scratches under the door handles are very unsightly and difficult to remove.

    • Interior thresholds

    Everyone when getting in or out of the car happens to snag on the threshold - this can happen especially in tight places.

    In this section you will find such dedicated die-cutters as:

    - ppf film for lamps / headlights

    - ppf film for rear fenders

    - ppf film for door handles

    - ppf film for bumper

    - ppf film for door sills

    and others

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