Why use PPF protective film for headlights?

Modern headlights are made of plastic, which makes it possible to make complex shapes while keeping the weight low. It was different in the past, when thick glass was used to make headlight shades.

The advanced technology of modern lights makes them one of the most expensive parts of the body of a modern car. Unfortunately, due to high highway speeds, as well as the effects of UV rays, headlights begin to get damaged as soon as they leave the showroom. Most often and most quickly, small chips appear, followed by "spidering" and tarnishing.

Reflektor przy przebiegu ok. 160 tys. km

Headlight at about 160 thousand kilometers.

That is why it is worth protecting the headlights as soon as possible.

The application of PPF protective film makes the problem cease to exist, and we can enjoy driving our car without worrying that the headlights will need repair or replacement in some time.

Reflektor zabezpieczony folią ochronną

The headlight protected by the protection film before the damage occurred.

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