1. On the product page, click "add to cart". If you haven't found the products you are interested in then feel free to contact us.

2. If you have selected all the items you are interested in, click "complete order".

3. You are not yet registered on our site? - you can place an order as a guest - without registration - when placing an order you can enter a password, which will mean the creation of an account (this is not mandatory)

4. On the following pages choose: the address to which the shipment is to be sent, the method of delivery and the method of payment.

5. Confirm your order.

6. If you have chosen to pay by bank transfer on the next page you will see the transfer details, they will also be sent to the email address you provided during registration.

As soon as we receive the money the shipment will be sent of which you will be informed. If you do not receive the message check if it is not in spam.

Transfer details:

ING account no: 50102055581111188434600034

IBAN: PL 57 1050 1445 1000 0092 4030 3603


In the title give the order number.

In case you have chosen "cash on delivery" - payment on delivery - expect a shipment in the near future.

You can also place an order outside the ChronLakier.pl website:

- by e-mail - by sending the order to: chronlakier@gmail.com

- by phone - by calling or texting at: 693265890 Thank you for your purchase.

Car sides:

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