Clear protective films are applied "wet" - That is, with the use of appropriate liquids. Most of them are found in every home or are available in most industrial stores or gas stations.

For the most part, two liquids will suffice:

  • for degreasing - ispropyl alcohol (IPA) with distilled water in a ratio of 70:30 (70% alcohol)
  • for application - distilled water with JOHNSON'S BABY shampoo (about 2-3 drops / 1l of water)

Sometimes a third solution can be useful - in the case of very complex surfaces, where you want to get almost immediate evaporation of water from under the film, and thus rapid attachment to the surface:

  • for fast adhesion - isopropyl alcohol (IPA) with distilled water in a ratio of 5:95 to a maximum of 10:90 (5% to 10% alcohol). The more alcohol, the faster the effect, but too high a concentration can tarnish the adhesive.

Why distilled water?

We use only distilled water to create solutions, the reason for this is to guarantee that there are no microorganisms in the water, which over time could react with the film adhesive, causing unsightly blemishes.

Why isopropyl alcohol?

"IPA" (Isopropyl Alcohol) perfectly degreases leaving behind an almost perfectly sterilized surface. Great for use before application, not only of protective films, but also of any other coating.